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    This Glossary Uses The Search Results For Specific Terms Whether Suggested Terms Or Terms, You, Our Visitor, Desires.
    We Use The Technology Developed By A Team Of Gifted Individuals. Each Result Is Not A Definition Of The Term But Rather The Grouping Of Suggested Bible Passage Which May Or May Not Be Related To Your Specific Term. The Results Are Compiled From An Algorithm Designed To Produce Results Based On Actual Related Passages To The Term Or Terms Already Approved By Means Of A Vote And Scholarly Knowledge Of The Term Or Terms.
    On The Same Line As The Bible Verse There Is A Place For You, The Visitor, To Also Provide A Vote That The Particular Verse Was Helpful Or Not. You Are Under No Obligation To Vote.
    Here Are A Few Suggested Terms: PreterismMelloGeneaParousiaStoicheiaAionArsenokoitai